Solutions Driven Focus vs. OEM Brand Specific

CBE Office Solutions has the flexibility to use any printer vendor. We aren’t beholden to 1 or 2 printer companies. We look at your needs first, then at our multiple printer options and customize a plan to fit your needs. Our Customer Integration team can even refurbish your older printers to fit your plan.

  • Our solution-driven option focuses on extending the life of the client’s existing assets regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Our competitor’s OEM brand-specific option requires the client to use the brand of their choosing. A costly upfront expense.
  • We will give new hardware recommendations based on usage/application after we cleaned and tested your current printer asset.

CBE is a different kind of printer service company – we offer custom-fit client-specific solutions, ongoing services, technology independence and much more. Every business is different – and so is every CBE partnership. Using our In-Depth CBE Assessment, we can create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.


Multi-Function System for the Multi-Tasking Office

Access to a multi-function printer (MFP) means you can rely on one device for almost all of your office technology needs, including copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. An efficient tool for the small office or for a department work-group. We also have a  five-year guarantee on all our devices.

CBE recommends a multi-function system for someone who:

  • Works with a high-volume of paperwork and needs an efficient way to manage those documents.
  • Wants to limit the devices that take up office space.
  • Seeks to fax digital files or save digital copies of faxes.
  • Needs a digital copy of documents (scanning) that can later be emailed or stored.
  • Sees the ecological benefits of less is more.
  • Wants the same quality/speed for faxing and scanning as the individual faxes and scanners provide.

Contact us to learn about the options from a knowledgeable solutions account executive.

Network Printers Know No Bounds

Network printers open the door to productivity. Each appropriate staff member can be connected to a cost effective printing technology from their own work-space. CBE will help you create an economical, expandable network of printers, both black and color laser printers, to improve your office efficiency. CBE Office Solutions will work with you to determine which networked laser printers are best for your office.  Whether it’s a Canon, Sharp, HP or Ricoh, our sales staff will share with you the capabilities of each product line.

Network printers are ideal for offices that:
  • Do not need individual printers for every work-space.
  • Want to minimize the time spent on maintaining printers.
  • Need a way for an individual to conveniently print and share documents with another individual in a separate area of the office.
  • Only need a limited number of color laser printers for the office, but want some or all of the staff to have access to those network color laser printers.
  • Appreciate the convenience and time-saving benefits of networked computer printer systems.
From Network Printer Selection to Integration

Choosing the right set of network computer printers is the first step. CBE can provide any necessary computer printer networking knowledge. The professional CBE information technology staff will come to your office and complete the onsite computer printer networking process. CBE can also provide ongoing support and maintenance to maximize productivity. Browse our online catalog of network printers or call to receive additional information.

A CBE professional can help you choose the right new or leased equipment to meet your needs. Contact CBE today—1-800-266-4223 or


Ricoh, Canon, and HP Document Scanning Solutions for the Digital Office

Document scanning solutions helps you work efficiently. With a scanner you can create redundant sets of files, make it easy to share information between users, or help the environment by going paperless.

CBE can help you select the ideal scanner for all of your workplace needs. Through CBE’s partners, you have access to a wide variety of scanners including digital scanners, large format scanners, color scanners, multipurpose scanners, scanners with high speed automatic document feeders and more.

Choosing the Best Scanners for Your Needs

Do you need a single document scanned from time to time? Then a multipurpose scanner that includes a printer, fax, and scanner may fulfill your needs.

Do you run an architectural firm or project management firm that requires the scanning of blueprints and other large documents? Our large format scanners can handle a wide variety of sizes.

Are you in the process of creating a paperless office? Then you most likely need a high-speed scanner. Our high-volume Ricoh, Canon, and HP scanners are some of the most popular scanners.

Document Conversion and Re-Creation with Document Scanner(s)

A scanner allows you to take a physical document and turn it into a word processing document that you can easily manipulate or re-purpose into a new document. Using OCR technology, it becomes simple to rework an existing document instead of starting over from the beginning.

Today’s technology advances enable scanners to have high-photographic qualities and can store amazing clear images. Imaging programs are also available to add those cosmetic re-touches.

Contact a CBE professional to show you how we can quickly update your office with state-of-the-art document scanning solution. 800-266-4223



Low-Cost Copies from Energy Saving Duplicators

Duplicators are ink-based printing devices that have the capacity to produce many copies of, one item, in a short amount of time—up to 135 copies per minute. Many educational organizations and large businesses depend on duplicators for fast, economical printing.

CBE carries a variety of Ricoh duplicators. Duplicators are ideal for business, educational, and government offices who require:

  • A low-cost solution to high-volume copying.
  • A device that uses less energy than the typical copier. All of our duplicators have an automatic sleep mode.
  • The need to produce large print jobs directly from their computer.

Ease of Use and Reliability

How many times have you stood by a copy machine to monitor a large copy job? The frequency of paper jams and low capacity input and output feeds requires manual work from you.

A Ricoh duplicator allows you to step away from a copy job without worry. In fact, you can copy and print up to 3,000 sheets of paper at one time.

What a Duplicator Can and Can’t Do

A duplicator is able to make hundreds of copies in less than five minutes, but it’s also a suitable machine for small copy jobs and single copies. Several of the most popular Ricoh duplicators can produce color copies. Software enhanced printing solutions, including the assessment and cost recovery and secure output solutions, are also available.

Duplicators are best suited to re-produce crisp copies, of the same original document, in a short amount of time. Duplicators do not include scan or fax capabilities. If your business relies on a copier for mainly single copies of a lot of different original images; a traditional copier or Multifunctional Printer (MFP) may be more economical for your business.

To determine whether a multifunction copier or a duplicator will meet your business’ needs, contact a CBE professional to talk with you about your printing and copying needs—1-800-266-4223


Ricoh, Canon, and Sharp Fax Machines for You

CBE offers a wide variety of fax machines. As an authorized sales and service partner of Ricoh, Canon, and Sharp; CBE can help you select the best equipment for your needs.

Fax Machines are an Economical Business Investment

Many of our customers feel that a new fax machine increases their productivity. There are many advantages to owning or leasing a fax machine(s), including:

  • Faster scanning capabilities
  • Larger memory to send lengthy fax messages (up to 50 pages automatic feeding)
  • Crisp, high-resolution images for received faxes
  • Ability to network fax machine with computer printer network
  • Ability to send faxes from your computer
  • All-in-One Fax Machines Versus Stand Alone Faxes

In the past, stand-alone fax machines only had the ability to copy and print a document. Today, powerful all-in-one fax machines allow you to fax, print, copy, and scan with this technically enriched fax technology.

Whatever technology your office requires, CBE can provide your company with cost-effective, multifunctional fax equipment. CBE’s knowledgeable sales staff and professional IT personnel are here to maximize your office efficiency.

Contact a CBE account executive today—1-800-266-4223

Vendor Partnerships

While CBE is a truly vendor-neutral printer service provider, we maintain strategic alliances with the world’s largest and most reliable printer companies in order to get the best price for our customer’s needs. To see the kind of printers we can provide your company, click on the options below.


Interested in Learning More

We can provide you a personalized assessment to help manage your print needs more effectively. Whether you are looking to upgrade, lower cost, streamline, or secure — CBE has a solution that fits your needs.