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Document Management Solutions for a "Green" Paperless Environment

Document Management Solutions for a “Green” Paperless Environment

A thorough document management solution has many layers, each requiring specific expertise. With the decision to go “green” or paperless, a company will begin with its existing computer, printer, and copier network and through the implementation of document management will realize a streamlined solution that uses less paper and makes workflow more efficient. To get the most out of your investment, you must understand the technology and the systems of your document management solution.

CBE Office Solutions specialists are trained to understand every layer of document management. We will come to your business and work with you to assess your current situation and make a series of recommendations that make sense for you—from implementation to cost-effectiveness.

A customized document management solution will help to get the most from your multifunction device. It’s our goal to improve the efficiency of your imaging devices and technology, and by doing so we can reach that goal using less paper; something all of us can agree is a responsible environmental decision.
Increase Productivity with the Right Resources

High-level document management is a primary factor in improving your business’ responsiveness and productivity. Don’t waste time sorting through piles of papers or worrying over missing communication—let CBE create a server-based system to track and store your documents through your multifunction printer. Document management solutions will allow you to:

  • Streamline your office technology by creating one (or few) networks
  • Back up all of your business’ information electronically using powerful scanning technology
  • Prevent loss or misplacement of important information and key documents by storing electronic versions on file
  • Distribute documents with ease and speed—send documents to an individual or the entire office

We understand that creating an electronic document management system can feel like a big endeavor, especially when you have other business to focus on. Let CBE and our team of specialists map out your document distribution system and show you the benefits of having information at your fingertips.

Enhance Your Business

Implemented as part of an overall print management strategy, part of an MPS implementation, or on their own, these solutions help businesses thrive. Our solutions can improve cost savings, workflows, access to information, security, and overall enterprise-wide productivity. Contact us today about our software solutions and professional services.