Recycling Programs

Recycling programs

Our partnership with our manufacturers addresses many key areas of concern, including environmental sustainability. Together, our approach to “greening our products and processes” has evolved into practical applications that we are proud of. Many of our products have been recognized with numerous independent third party awards and ratings, including praise for environmental awareness and superior sustainability performance. In our pursuit of ecological awareness, addressed through our company and communities at large, we are setting goals and milestones in hopes of making a reduction of environmental burdens in our business activities.

CBE Office Solutions will strive to fulfill this “green” responsibility while customers will come to realize that product performance will help them to become more efficient and will indicate a decline in operating costs in favor of a rise in bottom-line profitability.

Organizations are globally aligned when it comes to “saving the planet” and wanting to adopt better methods to do so. Sharp, Ricoh, HP, and Canon have made the environment a key driver of their business today. This means placing the environment at the very heart of their product design process. Each takes part in this vital movement by making a commitment to provide products and services that take into account our need for low-impact living, in the hope of leaving a “softer footprint.” By providing and adopting practical information on how to conserve supplies and convert our workflow methods, companies today are dedicated to lessening CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption dependent on electricity, gas and fuel oil.

Many of our manufactured products lead the industry in environmental performance and are classified as “Green.” These products represent a pioneering shift to advance sustainability and are in line with our management philosophy that calls for a contribution to our customers, our community, and our society.

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