Interactive WhiteBoards

Interactive whiteboard

Whiteboards for a New Kind of Conference Room

How can you ensure that all of your employees leave your meetings with the same notes? Need to invigorate brainstorming sessions? CBE has the solution: Interactive Whiteboards.


  • Ensure consistent information distribution
  • Keep ideas flowing and capture every note
  • Create a new, more interactive meeting environment

Energize Your Meetings

Electronic whiteboards are the next wave in meeting technology. Imagine projecting notes, writing new ideas alongside them on your whiteboard, and capturing every pen stroke for future reference. An ideal companion to PowerPoint presentations, your Interactive White Board can be integrated with our global teleconferencing solution and allow you to draw from all of your resources simultaneously.

Remote Control

With the easy-to-install software, your pen becomes a mouse, allowing you to control your windows applications from your host PC. Every pen stroke can be recorded, saved, and relayed on top of PC applications.

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