Mailroom Solutions

Mailroom solutions

Mailroom Solutions – More than Postage

Whether you are a small business with low-volume mailing and shipping needs or a large business with high-volume mailing system’s needs, Pitney Bowes Mailing Solutions can save you significant amounts of time and money. CBE can provide a customized mailing system for your business.

Advantages of an in-house postage system include:

  • Stop sending staff to wait in line at the post office.
  • Easily keep track of your mailing and shipping expenses.
  • Send individual or bulk mailings with professional-looking labels and postage.
  • Use automated mailing equipment to apply postage, seal, and sort mail quick and conveniently.

There are several components to mailing systems; starting with a scale that determines how much postage you need to apply to your package and ending with a sorter that organizes mail. CBE can assess your mailing system’s needs and present you with options. A CBE professional will review the type and volume of mail you process, space requirements, and your budget in order to customize a total mailing solution for your unique business needs.

Selecting the Right Mail-Room Equipment

CBE can customize a mailing equipment system to meet your needs and budget. CBE can work on your design and quickly deliver, install and train your staff to increase your productivity while saving money. For those who require a full mailing system, Pitney Bowes Mailing Solutions offers state of the art mail handling and software. CBE offers mailing supplies and authorized PB service, provides both leasing and ownership options for mailroom equipment and offers a five-year guarantee. If at any time onsite repairs cannot be made, CBE will loan you appropriate equipment, while the repairs are completed.

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