Helping Legal Professionals Understand and Control The Costs of Printing & Imaging

How much do you spend on printing?

You need to know.

CBE can help you dramatically reduce your document printing, copying, scanning and faxing costs—while improving the productivity of everyone in your practice.

CBE has the expertise and experience to work with you to:

  • Devise a customized, managed solution that fits your people, processes, and technology
  • Quantify current expenditures, streamline processes, and save money
  • Protect the confidentiality of your printing network and your clients’ records
  • Help ensure compliance with existing and emerging regulations

A Big Legal Expense

Trusts. Wills. Contracts. Litigation. Deeds. Depositions. Testimony. Documents are at the heart of any law practice.

Judging by experience, however, it’s very likely that your firm is spending considerably more time and money on document printing and imaging than necessary—while missing billable print revenues. That’s because, over time, practices can acquire a wide variety of printing, copying, scanning, and other devices from multiple vendors, while also using local copy and print shops.

With all the pressure to meet court dates, satisfy clients, and grow the business, printing and imaging problems can easily go unnoticed, uncorrected, and uncontrolled. Even practices that examine document production costs, typically only look at the price of equipment and maintenance; consumables, such as paper and toner; and print and copy invoices. Equally critical are the productivity and savings to be gained from:

  • Streamlining workflow
  • Integrating services across branches and to home offices
  • Securing confidentiality
  • Automating the search and tracking of documents
  • Increasing the utilization of existing assets
  • Consolidating vendor management
  • Minimizing administration, network management, and IT support while maximizing their value to the overall firm by allowing them to focus on projects that bring value to the firm
  • Recycling and reducing energy use

Law remains a paper-centric, print-rich profession. Compared to an overall industry average of 6.1%, legal organizations spend an average of 13.7% of their annual revenues on internal and external document production. Typically, more than 85% of outputs are client-related and should be billed back.

Whether your practice prints thousands or millions of pages a year, Our managed print program can help you uncover and take advantage of opportunities that will save your practice time and money, improve cost recovery, and enhance attorney and staff productivity.

CBE uses a proven end-to-end methodology to help you:

  • Assess your current document production environment.
  • Design an integrated document strategy that fits your needs.
  • Implement the solution.
  • Measure results and manage the ongoing project.

Managed Print Services for Legal

Let the experts at CBE help you take control of your document printing and imaging. Our flexible, phased approach ensures that solutions and services fit your practice, are implemented at your pace, and deliver measurable gains as you move forward.

Phase 1: Manage your fleet

Lack of printer supplies can cause havoc. Irregular maintenance can cause equipment breakdowns and shorten life spans. Managing devices distracts staff and consumes billable hours. CBE managed print services handle every aspect of preventive care, supplies, onsite repair, and printer help desk support—all for one low, cost per page. Secure technologies track all copying and printing completed through your firm, with details by the department, location, and machine. Remote monitoring enables us to proactively maintain and supply all of your owned and leased printers and other devices nationwide. One call to CBE dispatches a technician.

Phase 2: Optimize your infrastructure

With different departments responsible for different types of copiers, printers and fax machines, the result is often redundant devices and duplicated costs. CBE will assess all of your devices and usage patterns then develop and roll out a balanced, optimized deployment. We help you make the most of what you already have, re-positioning existing equipment to high-demand locations and adding newer printers or multifunction systems where appropriate.

Phase 3: Secure your network

Studies show that 70% of information theft occurs from internal employees. But most law firms have not considered either the internal or external the risks of an unsecured printing network. Unauthorized access to a multifunction printer or network can permit the printing of confidential information, the scanning of documents to or from email without authentication, or even interception and modification of a print stream on the way to a check printer. CBE helps you secure your print infrastructure with the latest encryption technologies.

Phase 4: Improve your workflow

Law practice generates an enormous quantity of information. CBE integrates the latest output technologies with powerful software to move digital and paper information on and off your network and help manage, route, store and control documents. Our workflow solutions include:

  • Electronic forms that replace pre-printed forms
  • Capture solutions that convert paper documents to an intelligent digital format
  • Electronic content management systems create a searchable repository of scanned documents.
  • Integration of branch and home offices with the main office
  • Track, index and organize automatically paper and electronic files together by the case for cost-recovery.

Change without chaos

CBE knows that a legal firm’s first priority is to clients, court dates, and the relationships it has built over time. We work with you to improve efficiency and productivity, without disrupting normal operations. We can devise managed print services to individual departments, branch offices, or your entire practice, as time and budgets allow.

After all, our mission is to give our clients control of their printing and imaging infrastructure.

Contact CBE today. Take the first step to greater productivity, better client service, and lower costs.



    Manage Costs

    Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control

    Continuous Improvement

    Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by store, distribution center and office locations

    Savings and Productivity

    Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation, customer support services, and transparent data


    Secure Your Data

    Don’t sacrifice security for convenience – Enjoy total document security as employees quickly and easily print from anywhere. 

    Go Digital

    Convert your paper files into easily retrievable, secure digital documents. We offer scanning and workflow solutions that will enable your staff to easily scan and convert paper files into securely stored digital files accessible 24/7 via the web.