Flex Technology Group expands presence in the great state of Texas and Southern Arkansas

PHOENIX, AZ (April 1, 2019) – Oval Partners, a San Francisco-based, multifamily office private equity firm, today announced a new partnership with Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas.

Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas provides office technology services and document management to businesses across East Texas and South Arkansas. The companies are headquartered in Texarkana, Texas and El Dorado, Arkansas. As customer-centric organizations, both emphasize their ability to provide the best solutions and equipment with full-service support.

“Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas have great market presence in East Texas and South Arkansas and have proven themselves over the past decade in a truly competitive market. They pride themselves on their dedicated employees who will bring outstanding value to Flex Technology Group,” said Frank Gaspari, CEO of Flex Technology Group.

“We’re thrilled to have Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas join Flex Technology Group and roll under Marimon Business Systems,” said George Nuckolls, President of Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas. “As a unified organization, we look forward to expediting our growth initiatives and increasing the value offered to our employees and customers.”


About Oval Partners
Oval Partners is a multifamily office investment firm designed to provide liquidity, growth, capital and acquisition funding to founders of growing businesses across North America. Oval’s capital base is permanent—it is committed, unencumbered and unconstrained in terms of holding period. Oval offers the capabilities and capital of a private equity fund, but the mentality, partner orientation and investment time frame of a private holding company. Oval’s principals have completed more than 75 transactions involving platform investments, acquisitions, exits and re-financings. Oval focuses on making investments in the tech-enabled services, information services, internet, software/SAAS and industrial technology markets. FlexPrint embodies the essence of Oval’s targeted “buy and build” strategy in attractive, service-oriented, niche end markets. For additional information, please visit www.OvalPartners.com or contact Dan Ruhl at Dan@OvalPartners.com.

About FlexPrint LLC
FlexPrint and its family of companies, referred as the Flex Technology Group, provide customized office technology solutions for national and leading-edge regional companies. We focus on print, document management, document production and managed IT solutions, representing industry leading suppliers such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Lexmark and various software solutions. We proudly service almost 40,000 customers nationally. For additional information, please visit www.flextg.com.

About Marimon Business Systems
Since 1978, Marimon has provided comprehensive business solutions using award-winning technology and services designed to increase overall efficiency and boost productivity, all while saving you money. The foundation of our success has been built on anticipating client needs and delivering unique business solutions that allow you to operate leaner and be more responsive than ever before. That is why everything we do is designed to maximize your investment, minimize downtime, and optimize your document workflow. Our range of products and services are simply unmatched. We have partnered with the best in the industry, Canon and HP, to bring you state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class products to deliver a customized solution to fit your specific business needs. Our only goal is to help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently so you can stay ahead of the competition. We are essential for business. For additional info please go to cbesolutions.com .

About Office Equipment of Texarkana and Office Equipment of South Arkansas
Serving the greater area of Texas and Arkansas, Office Equipment of Texarkana and South Arkansas are locally owned and operated, dedicated to providing technology solutions to companies of all verticals and sizes. Our consumer-centric nature is what sets us apart from other providers, as it is our mission to provide the best solutions and equipment to each location with full, competent support. For additional information, please visit www.oetex.com